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St.Diamont offers a fully bespoke experience to all of our customers, from the first point of contact all the way through to the completion of your piece. The whole order process will be driven by your input, and your consent at each step of the way.

Our ‘Bespoke Builder’  lets you select the basic design for your ring, which will form the starting point of the design process where you fully customise every aspect of your jewellery to meet your specific requirements. You can find a full overview of this process below:

          How it works  . . .


Once you’ve configured the basic design using the ‘bespoke builder’ and indicated which metals you require, it is time to select your diamond. To learn more about diamond specifications, please have a read through our guidance material available, ‘The Five C’s’.  

Once submitted this will allow one of our experts to understand exactly what you’re looking for.


Once we receive your commision request form, one of our St.Diamont experts will reach out to you to continue the design process. Together, you will sample a range of fully certified options based on your specifications, until you have found your ideal diamond. We guarantee that our business model will enable us to offer diamonds at a much better price than traditional jewellers in the market. All our diamonds are certified and laser inscripted by world leading laboratories.


Once you have selected your diamond with one of our representatives we will then move onto the design of the ring. Any modifications or changes you want will be communicated to us and will ensure that these are incorporated in your engagement ring. These modifications could be to the thickness of the band, they could be a requirement to have a mix of different colours of gold, they could be anything you desire. Tell us what you want, and we will make it for you! When we say fully customisable, that’s exactly what we mean.


Our St.Diamont team will create an accurate ‘Computer Assisted Design’ (CAD) model of the ring in 3D and share it with you so that you can see your design from all angles for the first time. This will give you an opportunity to make any additional modifications to for example the thickness or dimensions, to ensure that your jewellery has the ideal balance and expression.


Once the price has been agreed and a down payment of 50% of this price has been arranged, our dedicated team of designers will begin production of the jewellery, keeping in touch with you throughout the production cycle to ensure that your needs are met and that you are kept informed of the estimated completion timeline every step of the way.


Once your fully bespoke jewellery is completed, and we receive the remaining 50% of the purchase price, we will ship it to you wherever you may be.

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